Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Site Builder

Hey ,welcome to my blog,it all starts with a new wave of information about "E" commerce for me.I am currently working on developing a real website through "SBI" .What an education I am getting at age 53.Its all new and exciting to me as I wallow into a new world.The world of site building.I had no idea on the complexity's of site building until now.In the weeks and months ahead I will be digging in and monetizing out.As I stretch my neurons to the breaking point.Its like going back to College and getting something called an MBA.(but not even close)Business has always interested me,but after seeing the Facebook movie and being a "Youtuber" .I see new vistas on the Horizon.Big Bright and empowering.My journey maybe slow in the beginning as I absorb all I can from the Oceans of Knowledge..I am diving deep as an Aquarian and will not come up until I grasp the Finest Catch in The Sea we call the "Internet".Thanks for visiting my Blog.A journey Evolving each day and each Hour..

                                                                        Your Friend Terry